Top 15 Most Dangerous Countries in the World for Tourism

Every person on Earth dreams of going abroad to explore distant lands. And, of course, many plan a pleasant vacation outside their country. However, dreams and plans don't always promise a pleasant trip.

There are dangerous countries in the world where it is not advisable to go on vacation. Let’s look at the top 15 most dangerous countries for tourism.

1. South Africa

This African Republic is riddled with chaos and lawlessness. The crime rate is high enough to make it unsafe to walk the streets. Rapes and attacks on tourists are common, as well as a high risk of falling victim to rituals and murder. Such customs are widespread in remote villages and settlements. The main rules in this place are the complete absence of laws and human morality. A very dangerous place for tourism and leisure.

2. Republic of Congo

A very poor and generally unstable country. Endless wars between residents and tribes have been going on here for years. Cannibalism is not uncommon even in modern times. There are also frequent cases of human abduction into slavery, rapes, and sexual slavery flourishes. A tourist in this place can easily witness various conflicts. Thefts are also common here. Any resident of the Republic can be a professional criminal or robber. Tourists are easy prey for the local population in terms of their own enrichment.

3. Pakistan

The state of Pakistan is also at risk of danger for tourists. Religious conflicts frequently occur in this place. The cities are far from peaceful, and the atmosphere is quite tense. Small terrorist groups in any part of the district can create chaos and take the lives of many people, including foreigners. In addition, the country’s authorities strictly prohibit freedom of speech and sometimes restrict the arrival of foreigners to their land. The struggle continues from year to year, and the situation is also very tense.

4. Chad

The Republic of Chad is filled with extremist groups such as ISIS, Boko Haram, and Al-Qaeda. Assassination attempts on human lives in this state are commonplace. Any resident or tourist visiting for leisure can become a victim of reckless conflict.

5. Yemen

This state is filled not only with beautiful historical sights but also with the harshest laws. The poor Republic of Yemen freely allows its residents to use weapons, making this place a real haven for terrorist groups. For tourists, any minor crime can end in execution. Despite this, reckless tourists still come to get acquainted with the dangerous state. The price of such a trip can end very sadly for anyone.

6. Honduras

The criminal situation also reigns in the state of Honduras. This place is considered the capital of murders and real disorder. Here, the laws and power of local criminal authorities prevail. Large drug mafia gangs control a large part of the districts. There are no police and capture groups here at all. A trip to this country can be expensive and even cost a life. According to statistics in recent years, about 70% of those killed were foreigners.

7. Libya

The presence of tourists in this country is very risky and dangerous. Shootouts, robberies, and kidnappings are not uncommon here. The crime rate in this place can be off the charts, and any innocent person can become a victim of local wars. Libya itself is not a peaceful country and is also filled with dangerous surprises for both locals and tourists. The capital, Tripoli, has a more peaceful atmosphere compared to other cities, but it is still better to avoid traveling to this country.

8. Venezuela

Despite the attractive name of the country and beautiful attractions, it is far from peaceful in this place. The cause of all troubles is the deficit of necessary food products and medicines. Against the background of such an incident, the level of crime and criminality in Venezuela has grown. The country is rife with robberies, carjackings, kidnappings, and even murders. It is extremely dangerous for tourists to be in Venezuela. Any foreign visitor can easily fall into the hands of real criminals.

9. Sudan

This country also has a restless atmosphere for both residents and visiting foreigners. It is precisely in this place that terrorists from all over the world gather. The Darfur region is imbued with the most tense and cruel atmosphere. Ritual cleansing of the population is a common occurrence here. Local residents try to move as far away as possible to neighboring regions and even countries. Visits to some areas for foreigners are strictly prohibited. And in general, the local people are not at all happy with tourists. And bold travelers may face a bunch of different problems and serious consequences.

10. Kenya

The Republic of Kenya also makes the list of restless countries. Terrorist attacks often occur both outside Nairobi and in the heart of it. The city has a high risk of mortality due to attacks and purges. Shootouts and knife injuries are widely used. Everyone suffers from such chaos. But, in order not to become a victim of accidental death, it is not recommended to choose Kenya as a place for rest.

11. Syria

The country is known for its cruel customs and restless atmosphere. Bloodshed in this place is considered quite a normal phenomenon. Wars in Syria never cease, and a large part of the country is already destroyed. Over the past years, more than 300,000 people have died in Syria. Mainly, suicide bombers become terrorist groups and military forces. And, of course, innocent people who got caught in the battle zone. Visiting Syria is extremely dangerous for tourists and foreigners.

12. Nigeria

The country of Nigeria is flooded with terrorist groups Boko Haram. Against this background, people live in fear of becoming the target of a major terrorist attack. Terrorists prefer to choose as their target crowded places such as schools, churches, hotels, and mass gathering places. Anyone in this country can become a victim. Violence and the absence of women’s rights also thrive in Nigeria.

13. Afghanistan

The well-known epicenter of chaos and real lawlessness is Afghanistan. Despite the overthrow of some terrorist groups in 2001, local militants prefer to hide in the mountain ranges. Mass gatherings of them were tracked on the border with Pakistan, and the risks of terrorist attacks in the country are still present. The people prefer other customs and sometimes negatively relate to foreign religions and overseas guests. Harsh laws and the complete absence of women’s rights make the country cruel. To avoid unpleasant conflicts and harsh rest, it is better to exclude the country from the rest list.

14. El Salvador

The extremely restless state of El Salvador borders with Guatemala and Honduras nearby. The country is imbued with the spirit of crime and the world of criminality. A huge number of gangs and drug mafias are located in this place. The level of crime can shock with a high mortality statistic. Gangs can calmly occupy street spaces and entire districts, selling drugs and weapons. They also engage in extortion, theft, kidnappings, and murders. Any tourist can become a target for people of the criminal world. The local police are not able to eradicate the new gurus of the criminal world. Therefore, it is quite risky for foreigners to be in El Salvador.

15. Iraq

The global epicenter of danger for the world is Iraq. Here are located the most cruel prejudices and large groups of militants, among which the main one is Al-Qaeda. Many tour operators exclude this country from the list of trips. Because no one can guarantee the safety of people who came there on an excursion. In this country, every new day can be like on a powder keg. The complete absence of authorities on human morals and self-preservation is absent. Also, cruel treatment of women takes place here. By such criteria, Iraq falls into the blacklist of countries banned from tourism.


To avoid problems and dangerous rest, it is not recommended to visit these countries. It is better to choose other destinations for travel.


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