How to Fly Cheaply and Comfortably? 6 Ways to Save on Airfare

How many times have you promised yourself to travel more and how many times, after checking the prices for air tickets, have you given up on this idea? However, knowing a few simple rules for choosing tickets, you can save a decent amount of money.

Don’t Postpone “for Later”

An air ticket is not a tour package, and it won’t become last-minute. The closer the departure date, the fewer seats available, the higher the demand. According to the law of supply and demand, the price will significantly increase. The most optimal time to buy a ticket is 60 days before the planned trip. Plan your travel route and start searching for a cheap ticket.

Consider Seasonality

Spain in the summer will be more expensive than Spain in November, and Asia in winter will be more expensive than in May. If the purpose of the vacation is to visit museums in Paris, then it can be done out of season. There are fewer tourists, prices for accommodation, and naturally, air tickets are lower.

Don’t Buy Tickets on Airlines’ Websites

At least not until you’ve checked all prices on aggregator websites. These are the best assistants for buying air tickets because they compare all available offers from all airlines for you. You won’t have to spend hours in front of the computer searching for the lowest price – aggregators will do everything for you. Where to buy is up to you. Agents selling air tickets often offer the lowest prices, but if you’re unsure about the site’s reliability, purchase tickets on the official carrier’s website. However, tickets there are often more expensive than through an agent.

Aggregators also allow you to compare prices for different dates: open the low-price calendar and check dates for an entire month or even a year ahead. If you’re not tied to strict vacation or business trip dates, you can choose the lowest price.

Subscription to price drops is very convenient and useful. Well before your vacation, enter the destination and dates you’re interested in on the aggregator site, then subscribe to notifications about price changes. When the cost decreases, you’ll receive a notification via email.

Flying on weekdays can cost significantly less than the same flight on weekends. Aim for this fact and try to fly on Wednesday, Thursday, or Tuesday, rather than on Friday or Saturday.

Low prices for holiday dates, unfortunately, are not to be expected. An exception is early booking promotions (for example, a year before the flight).

Don’t forget about the rule of round-trip tickets, as it’s usually cheaper than buying two separate flights there and back.

Leave Everything Unnecessary at Home

Many airlines charge extra for luggage or, conversely, have no-baggage fares. This means you can only carry hand luggage for free. Most often, it’s a bag weighing up to 8-10 kg (rarely 5 kg, be sure to study the carrier’s baggage rules). Just think, do you need 3 pairs of flip-flops and a hairdryer, or can you buy shoes on-site, and take a hairdryer from the hotel, saving up to 100 euros on luggage? Fly light, it’s easier and cheaper.

Accumulate Miles

If you fly frequently, it makes sense to get yourself a frequent flyer card. All major airlines have them. Accumulated bonuses from flights can later be exchanged for free air tickets, priority boarding, service class upgrades, access to business lounges, and much more.

Keep an Eye on Promotions and Special Offers

To do this, subscribe to the newsletters of booking agents and airlines. Sales most often occur at the end of summer and the end of winter, as well as after the launch of a new flight or direction: airlines need to somehow advertise it, and this is where promo rates come into play.

Wherever you fly, we wish you a great holiday and good luck in managing to buy the cheapest air tickets!

Wherever you fly, we wish you a great holiday and good luck in managing to buy the cheapest air tickets!


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