6 Gadgets from the 90s That Changed the World

Mobile devices and gadgets have become accessible to virtually everyone, so you listen to music on your smartphone, connect it to a wireless speaker, play games on PCs and consoles, take high-quality photos, and communicate online, considering all this to be the norm.

There were times when every action required a separate device, and all of it was quite expensive. Let’s take a nostalgic journey and remember the gadgets from our childhood that everyone absolutely dreamed of.

Polaroid Camera

Polaroid created the world’s most recognizable camera (which made the brand name synonymous with instant photography). Although these cameras could never compete with professional cameras in terms of image quality, the emotions from instant snapshots at parties and family gatherings are priceless.

Dendy and Sega Game Consoles

Legendary consoles that opened the door to the fascinating world of video games for us. The ultimate dream was to have cartridges with a huge number of games and a gun to shoot wild ducks on the screen.

Game Boy

This portable gaming device immediately became the object of dreams for millions of children around the world. The first Game Boy came with a monochrome display. Later, more powerful and compact versions with an enlarged color screen appeared.

Montana Watches

They were not known for their high precision or durability, but in terms of appearance and functionality, they surpassed many wristwatches. And importantly, they were American. Or at least, we were sure of it – the engraved eagle on the stainless steel back cover and the Montana logo, representing one of the American states, spoke for themselves.


A multifunctional audio system that could be carried around, with a radio receiver and huge speakers, instantly made its owner the center of attention and the king of any party.

Button Mobile Phones

And what was your first cell phone? Nokia 3310, Siemens A35, or even Motorola C350?


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