6 Ridiculous Ideas That Made Millions

Many people rack their brains, often overthinking, to come up with an original and profitable business idea. Hoping to create a cash magnet, many spend months and even years, investing money and nerves. Yet, there are those who manage to make money quickly on outright nonsense. A spontaneous idea and its bold implementation can become the most successful investment in the future. Here are millionaires who earned their fortune on the most ridiculous projects.

Santa Mail: Correspond with Santa

American Byron Reese created his own Santa Claus mail service. One day, the man thought, why not create an organization in America for sending Christmas letters to children. Byron rented a space in a town called North Pole, in the state of Alaska, created a branded stamp indicating the location and sender.

To receive a letter from Santa, parents need to email Byron, transfer $10 to his account, and wait for the Christmas greeting! The idea, born in 2001, brought Reese a huge income in its first year. So far, the mail operates in North America. But, perhaps, its geography will soon expand.

Doggles: Sunglasses for Dogs

A couple from America, Roni and Ken Di Lullo, noticed during a walk with their dogs that the pets squinted in the sun. Thinking that animals dislike enduring harmful rays and damaging their vision, the spouses decided to create sunglasses for pets.

They invested money in a rather doubtful project, which turned out to be quite convincing in the end. Dogs liked the glasses, and this became the reason for opening the company Doggles. Dog accessories with 100% protection from harmful radiation sell like hotcakes. A pair costs from $40. Sales are furious, as is the profit.

Lucky Break Wishbone: Wishbones for Luck

In America, there’s a tradition: breaking the wishbone of the festive turkey at the family dinner on Thanksgiving. It’s believed that such a ritual helps in fulfilling a heartfelt wish.

Enterprising Ken Ahroni decided that this could be monetized and created plastic bones, exactly like real bird ones. A beautiful package with the inscription “Wishbone” costs three dollars. The product is incredibly popular among Americans: everyone loves to make wishes, and Thanksgiving is only once a year. Therefore, plastic bones brought Ken a multimillion-dollar income.

Fitdeck: Fitness Cards

Former military, firefighter, and fitness instructor Phil Black was so tired of being penniless that during a card game, he came up with the idea to depict fitness exercises on them. The release of the first batch of decks was not particularly costly. The effect of this new type of useful entertainment exceeded all expectations. Considering the problem of obesity among Americans and their love for original inventions, the cards became a real hit. They were snapped up by people who exercise, want to lose weight, or save on a personal trainer.

Antennballs: Antenna Toppers

Decorating the tips of car antennas with fun balls was an idea by Jason Wall. The strange idea surprisingly turned out to be a success. Colorful balls were bought by everyone – men, women, and even teenagers. The accessory became an item of first necessity for car enthusiasts in the first two years. The balls were sold at washes, services, hypermarkets, and even street kiosks. Antennballs, led by Wall, quickly made its founder a millionaire.

Potato Parcel: Potato Messaging

The tuber mail was organized by Alex Craig from Texas. The prank invented by the young man brought him a million-dollar income. The essence of the idea is to send people messages and greetings written on a potato. For example, a declaration of love on a large tuber costs $15. To send someone such a message, you need to place an order on the company’s website and order an inscription consisting of 100-140 characters. The potato with the chosen phrase arrives at the recipient anonymously and creates a real sensation. It’s interesting to wonder what recipients do with such a surprise?


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