How to Protect Yourself from Government Surveillance: 9 Steps

We are all, literally every person, under constant surveillance. In our time, this happens all over the world.

All the nuances of our personalities, habits, and attachments, as well as movements, are constantly under surveillance. And don’t think that this only concerns residents of large metropolises. In fact, it’s much worse. So, what to do?

Live in Poverty

Incomes should be so minimal that there would be nothing to pay taxes on. Choose a small room for living, furnishing it only with the essentials, not allowing even minor extravagances. Better yet, become adherents of freeganism. And move to the wilderness, into the forest thicket. Use exclusively cash. You can sleep in your car. And take a shower, for example, in any gym, buying a subscription for this purpose.

As for entertainment, it’s better not to use the internet at all.

Prefer buying books and movies in stores or going to libraries. You can also buy a gaming console to have the possibility to play alone, as it does not require registration, which involves providing personal data.

To avoid detection, use only public phones for communication.

And never say your name during phone conversations. Even think about registering your card or buying a smartphone, as they might contain built-in GPS! Moreover, all phone signals are easily tracked, so it’s essential to turn off the phone, removing the battery when it’s not in use. Best of all, call only through satellite phones. Although expensive, they are not so easily tracked. And the content of the conversation will not immediately become known to interested parties. You can also use the services of an internet cafe’s VoIP client to avoid being in the surveillance zone.

Definitely encrypt your email.

For example, using a special program like MailVault, which integrates into the browser, or Thunderbird. It’s advisable to use encryption of at least 256 bits using Blowfish, Serpent, AES, or Twofish. There’s also the option of using RSA to provide 2048-bit encryption. This offers additional protection. Just keep in mind that this program can be launched using a cryptographic key. Another option is to send not electronic but regular, paper letters, by ordinary mail, to make it easier to encrypt them.

Do not buy or use a second-hand computer.

Erase the entire OS, instead installing Ubuntu, Kali, SSH, Fedora, or Mint. The hard drive must be encrypted, and use exclusively hidden drives. Store all your files only on flash drives or encrypted memory cards, to which no one else has access. From hard drives, they must be deleted. If you need to send them, use only wireless internet to avoid registration. And under no circumstances connect your computer to the internet.

Protect your internet.

If you need to use the internet—whether to publish something or find something—be sure to use anonymous networks like Tor, Freenet, I2P, or P2P.

Do not use bank accounts.

It’s better to close them completely. Get by with a prepaid card or cryptocurrency.

Try not to get into dangerous or difficult situations.

And if possible, avoid situations where you might need to help someone, as it could be a dangerous trap.

Better to move by different routes.

Since there’s a chance that you are being followed and any of your movements are already well known to someone who needs it.


  • Every conversation, whether over the phone or through the internet, may be listened to.
  • Better to communicate not under your real name. And create a legend for yourself, not telling anyone your place of residence.
  • It’s advisable to act as if every interlocutor is a representative of state authorities, and it’s unknown what they will do with the obtained information. Therefore, you cannot tell anyone any personal data about yourself.
  • Listening is possible even with the phone turned off. And when it’s on, the provider definitely knows where the subject is, up to 100 meters. Therefore, it’s best not just to turn off the phone but to remove the battery.


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